Lirik Lagu Soulfood – Straight To The Point (Official Music Video)

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“Straight To The Point” the new song by Soulfood is out now!

Audio Credits
Performed by Soulfood
Composed by Palel Atmoko and Bam George
Lyrics by Lyta Lautner
Recorded during Collabonation ‘Regenerasi Bernyali’
At Uma Pohon Studio

Palel Atmoko – Drums, Percussions and Guitar 
Bam George – Guitar 
Lyta Lautner – Lead Vocal and Backing Vocals
Made Edy Kurniawan – Bass
Kevin Suwandhi – Keyboard

IM3 Collabonation – Executive Producer 
Dadang Pranoto – Producer 
Kristian Dharma – Co-Producer and Sound-Engineer
Deny Surya – Mixing and Mastering
Inda Mina Sakti – Band Manager

Artwork by Palel Atmoko

Record Label: Pohon Tua Creatorium

Video Credits
Produced by Soulfood
Directed by Soulfood
Edited by Samuel Reinhard Sila



Say it and action to discover
For us, straight to the point!

So you lost perscription of being human,
you gon’ buy social and pretend you’re a human, mis-human,

Heartless, bigmouth that corrupts suck a homeless,
such that collusion, and god damn nepotism.

And then you spoke upon people deaths, but find o bills fullfilled,
Saying it was your sweats, never fucking joke with that

I am dying with this scenario, coma of your fomo,

And if you give us debt, you better struggle in with a help.

Tell us fullfilled?
We don’t think it so!

If at least im down again,
I’ll get you out!

And push you in the rain.
I can’t hold my self to strain,

All the pain i feel so vain.
Promise me nothing


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