Lirik Lagu Green Day – The American Dream Is Killing Me (Official Music Video)

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Saviors is an invitation into Green Day’s brain, their collective spirit as a band, and an understanding of friendship, culture and legacy of the last 30 plus years.

It’s raw and emotional. Funny and disturbing. It’s a laugh at the pain, weep in the happiness kind of record.

Honesty and vulnerability.

What is Saviors about, you ask?

Power pop, punk, rock, indie triumph. disease, war, inequality, influencers, yoga retreats, alt right, dating apps, masks, MENTAL HEALTH, climate change, oligarchs, social media division, free weed, fentanyl, fragility,,..

What would Andy Warhol do?
What would John Waters do?
What would Quentin Tarantino do?

What would GREEN DAY do?

Saviors, out January 19th, 2024 http://GreenDay.lnk.to/saviors
The first single “The American Dream Is Killing Me” is out now http://GreenDay.lnk.to/TADIKM


Director: Brendan Walter
Director: Ryan Baxley
EP: Jesy Odio
Producer: Dorian Thomas
Production Company: Baby Atomica

1st AD: Bashir Taylor
Director of Photography: Adam Newport-Berra
Production Design: Rob Fidel
Stylist: Lisa Madonna
SPFX-MU: Alex Perrone

Production Supervisor: Sina Pars
Production Coordinator: Nina Nwachukwu
2nd AD: Lexi Cardiel 
2nd 2nd AD: Kasturi Anderson
2nd 2nd AD: Jane Kim
2nd 2nd AD: William Curry

1st AC: Lucas Deans
2nd AC: Robbie Julian
DIT: Brannon Brown
Head Tech: Christian Hurley
Crane Ops:  Brett Folk, Clayton Stovall

CLT: Jose Ruiz
ACLT: James Ginn
Programmer: Kiley Ettter
SLTs: Alex Szuch, Jeremy Schonwald, Mike Withers
SLT/Driver: Allen Rondo

Key Grip: Adam Kolegas
BBG: Izzy Ernst
Grips: Max Joslyn, Mark Barry, Beau Beagles
Grip/Driver: Luis Sandoval

Leadman: Jed Maheu
Set Decorator: Brian Chu
Set Decorator: Brandon Martin
Carpenter: James Daniel
SPFX: Omar Torres
SPFX Assts: Arni Peterson, Mike Spears, Jessie Padilla

Stunt Coordinator: Damien Bray
Stunt Performers: Keenan Bray, Jack Francis

SPFX-MU: Assts Ana Gabriela Quiñonez Urrego , Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Ian Goodwin, Samantha Ward, Ralis Kahn, Michelle Miller, Crystal Gomez, Victoria Payne, Laura Morton

Stylist Assts: Alex Scott, Adam Arcos, Tarrell Mitchell

Location: Manager Pete Abrahams
Medic: Melissa Reed, Steve George
Craft Services: Andy Pancho, Andrea Leyva
FSO: Mark Taillon
Water Truck Driver: Marlon Sosa

Office PA: Bria Chavez, Jennifer Scelsi
AD PA: Fee Johnson, Anthony Sturdivant
Truck PAs:  Patrick Reaves, Daniel Trejo, Ted Shehan, Robert Gillard
Set PAs: Jose Ramos, Ryan Jacob Hall, Kevin Kurz, Tomas Filloy, Anton Sereda

Band Glam: Brooke Llewellyn, Yuly Child-Phillips, Nicole Blanco

VFX: Salazar

Catering: D&R Catering
Casting Agency: Orange Street Casting

ALICE: Alice Fuijimori
HUMAN #1: A.J. Friedrich
HUMAN #2: Ted Reis
HUMAN #3: Taylor Box
HUMAN #4: Mila Max
HUMAN #5: Josie Hung
MILITIA #1: Jed Maheu
MILITIA #2: Zack Daly
MILITIA #3: Jack Bedrosian
MILITIA #4: Andrew Pearson
MILITIA #5: Dorian Thomas
ZOMBIE #1: Alejandro Galaviz
ZOMBIE #2: Yelyzaveta Dzhuhostranska
ZOMBIE #3: E. R. Ruiz
ZOMBIE #4: Brendan Gardiola
ZOMBIE #5: Lisa Molenda
BG ACTORS: Ahdrie Wright, Alexis Sara, Carrie Terraccino, Feenix Ireton, Iydan Thompson Brown, Lauren Gerrishm Samantha Ross, Yui Shibata, Thais Souza, Alexander Sternberg, Allan Cunningham, Qi Gu, Andrew Threm, Enrico Leoni, Eshak Mekonnen, Rashvir Singh, Patrick H Breen, Carlos Cardenas, Solomon Patterson, Vikrant Sahdev, Tyson Radtke, William Sibley

RADIO VO: Kylie Mar

Website https://greenday.com/
Tour Dates https://greenday.com/tour/
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TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@greenday
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Twitter https://twitter.com/greenday


The American dream is killing me
The American dream is killing me
When it’s all double talk of conspiracy 
The American dream is killing me
Send out an SOS
It’s getting serious 
Bulldoze your family home
Now it’s a condo
We are not home
Are we not home
God damn I am so grateful 
Forever faithful to
The American dream is killing me
The American dream is killing me
People on the street 
Unemployed and obsolete 
Did you ever learn to read the ransom note 
Don’t want no huddled masses 
TikTok and taxes
Under the overpass
Sleeping in broken glass
We are not well
Are we not well
Cracked up into the wild
We’re pedophiles for 
The American dream is killing me
The American dream is killing me
When it’s all double talk of insanity 
The American dream is killing me 
From sea to shining sea
Whitewashed upon the beach 
My country under siege 
On private property 
We are not home
Are we not home
Kiss me I’m dead inside 
Who needs suicide
When the American dream is killing me
The American dream is killing me
When it’s all double talk of insanity 
The American dream is killing me

#GreenDay #TheAmericanDreamIsKillingMe #Saviors


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